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  • Measure tools directly on lathes

    The NEW DREHplus* 3D Tester is the first 3D tester featuring a patented probe tip specifically designed for lathes. View the DEMO

    The DREHplus analog 3D-tester features innovative, precise probing technology through a patented conical probe tip specifically designed for measuring tools on lathes saving time and money. No expensive additional equipment is necessary plus the DREHplus is impervious to splash water and oil. Like all Tschorn testers, the DREHplus is significantly slimmer than the competition through its patented in-line design. Visit for more information.

    Other models of the Tschorn 3D Tester include:

    The SLIMplus 3D-tester can remain wet in the tool changer—without any damage; impervious to splash water and oil. It is waterproof to the standard of IP67* and much slimmer than the competition.


    Hello Mr Tschorn,

    I just wanted to say I received my Slim Plus today, and I am nothing but impressed. We’ve had serious issues with the Haimer 3D NG, and finally gave up in frustration and ordered yours. Everything about it is better - the packaging, the design, the concentricity adjustment.

    You’ve made an excellent product, and I can’t wait to get back to the shop and use it some more!

    - Greg

    You have a big opportunity in the US. Lots of new machinists getting into the industry making their own products. Haimers are the only game for 3D testers here, and you could totally beat them with this seriously nicer product.

    The3D-Tester VIplus(visual plus) is easier to read, even on large machines.

    The SAVEplus 3D-tester is the low-cost variant of the above premium, IP67-rated, 3D Testers. This tester is not water-proof but offers an excellent value for money.

    All Tschorn 3D testers feature a sleek and slim design.