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  • Frenco Gears & Splines

    Today's gears and splines are precision items produced through special tools with very tight tolerances. When you need to inspect manufactured work pieces you need even more accurate measuring and inspection equipment. For over 30 years Frenco has committed itself to the challenge of providing customized solutions for individual gear and spline inspection requirements.

    Euro-Tech is the exclusive North American distributor of the Frenco product line including master gears and master wheels, setting masters, artifacts, cold forming tools, electrodes, profiled clamping systems, gear and spline production. Also instruments for size production including measuring pins and ball inserts, indicating gages including rocking type, face stop and profiled guiding body and special indicating gages. Also the Universal Rotation Measurement System or URM.

  • Frenco GmbH home page

    Frenco GmbH is based in Altdorf near Nuremberg, Germany

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