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  • Kostyrka Clamping Sleeves

    Kostyrka Clamping Sleeves View a demo of the Kostyrka Clamping Sleeve

    The Kostyrka Clamping Sleeve; install it and forget it. No one wants to disassemble and reassemble a 2500 ton press overnight for repairs. The quality of each individual component is crucial in determining the reliability of a system and that's why product development, high manufacturing quality and state-of-the-art checking processes play a central role at KOSTYRKA. The result is top clamping technology designed for a maximum service life used for both standard requirements and customized solutions.

    All Kostyrka products are designed to exceed the life cycle of the machines they’re installed in ensuring years of smooth operations. Manufactured for tolerance up to 3 decimal places, every part is put to the acid test via an individual part inspection. All important geometrical characteristics of the clamping elements are checked via a 3-D inspection machine and recorded in a test certificate. A microscope is used to check for any burrs or chips and a cast iron leak test makes sure a part can withstand pressures up to 600 bar.

    The "Jaw" is Kostyrka's latest product. Through the use of Kostyrka clamping sleeve elements, there is now a lockable pin type of device we have named "The Jaw" that is suitable for machining applications. This device is sized according to customer needs and creates a strong nesting fixture for difficult to clamp components such as castings, etc. Please contact us for more information or to obtain a quote on a system suitable for your needs.
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