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  • Mytec Hydraulic Expansion
    Arbors & Chucks

    Mytec Arbors and Chucks

    Mytec Hydraclamp is the pioneer in seal-less connection technology for hydraulic expansion clamping tools. Their expansion tools are the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine. Now Mytec is introducing a new line of MECHANICAL Arbors and Chucks with accuracy down to .0004” plus high expansion rates up to .010” or greater in a stainless steel construction. Mechanical arbors and chucks are excellent for workholding where high forces are incurred or auto load applications where high clearance is required.

    Euro-Tech is the exclusive North American distributor of the Mytec Hydraclamp product line.

    ISO Certified

  • Mytec featured in Gear Solutions Buyer's Guide

    Mytec Precision-Tools GmbH Homepage

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