Euro-Tech Corp specializes in solutions for gaging and workholding challenges

Since 1993 Euro-Tech Corporation has worked with a variety of clients from  large corporations to small engineering firms designing custom, German-engineered solutions for the aerospace/aircraft, automotive/transportation, gear makers and small engine industries. We are the exclusive North American distributor of the Mytec Hydraclamp, Frenco, Kostyrka, and Knaebel product lines.

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MYTEC HYDRACLAMP pioneer of seal-less hydraulic expansion technology, offers rupture-proof (no seals) hydraulic expansion workholding including mechanical and hydraulic expansion arbors and chucks for balancing, grinding, inspection, and gear production. Hydraulic expansion arbor servicing.
—Kreuzwertheim GERMANY

FRENCO one-stop gear and spline metrology, has been a precison specialist in gear & spline metrology since 1978 offering gaging solutions and training for splines, gears, and other toothed profiles.
—Altdorf GERMANY

KOSTYRKA, innovation in hydraulic clamping technology, offers Clamping sleeves for machine tools and accessories, custom fixturing, Universal Holding Fixtures (UHF), and hydraulic compensating vice jaws.
—Stuttgart GERMANY

KNAEBEL offers ransducers and associated dimensional gaging products featuring the IET and the IET mini-probe—the world’s smallest gaging transducer. Check bores and grooves directly with this super-tiny transducer.
—Meerbusch GERMANY