Arbors & chucks | Mytec

Hydraulic expansion & mechanical arbors and chucks for balancing, grinding, inspection, and gear production.
—Kreuzwertheim GERMANY

spline gaging | Frenco

Gaging, workholding solutions and training for splines, gears, and other toothed profiles.
—Altdorf GERMANY

transducers | knaebel

Transducers and gaging products – featuring IET, the world’s smallest gaging transducer and associated dimensional gaging products.
—Meerbusch GERMANY

clamping sleeves | Kostyrka

Clamping sleeves for machine tools and accessories and custom fixturing, Universal Holding Fixtures (UHF), and hydraulic compensating vice jaws.
—Stuttgart GERMANY

wireless gaging | Mesas

Wireless gage data transfer,
Bluetooth wireless transmission,
gage and transducer interfaces,
industrial computers with custom
SPC software solutions.


For over 20 years Euro-Tech Corp has offered superior hydraulic arbor servicing.

Pinhead flexible fixturing

Flexible fixturing and nesting system for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and laser engraving systems. 
—Menomonee Falls, WI USA