Arbors & chucks | Mytec

Hydraulic expansion & mechanical arbors and chucks for balancing, grinding, inspection, and gear production.
—Kreuzwertheim GERMANY

spline gaging | Frenco

Gaging, workholding solutions and training for splines, gears, and other toothed profiles.
—Altdorf GERMANY

transducers | knaebel

Transducers and gaging products – featuring IET, the world’s smallest gaging transducer and associated dimensional gaging products.
—Meerbusch GERMANY

clamping sleeves | Kostyrka

Clamping sleeves for machine tools and accessories and custom fixturing, Universal Holding Fixtures (UHF), and hydraulic compensating vice jaws.
—Stuttgart GERMANY

wireless gaging | Mesas

Wireless gage data transfer,
Bluetooth wireless transmission,
gage and transducer interfaces,
industrial computers with custom
SPC software solutions.

3d testers | tschorn

Analog, 3D Tester. Robust structure & slim design, its precise and versatile capabilities enable fast and easy calculation of work piece reference points and lengths.

PG1000 Cutting tool inspection

Now sold and serviced through PG Inspection Technologies, LLC.

Pinhead flexible fixturing

Flexible fixturing and nesting system for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and laser engraving systems. 
—Menomonee Falls, WI USA