3D testers & zero setters

Every Tschorn 3D analog Tester features a robust structure and a unique slim design. Its precise and versatile capabilities enable the fast and easy calculation of work piece reference points and lengths. Each tester is manually assembled and carefully checked through the assembly process at the Tschorn laboratory in Germany.  “Weil Besser”, Because It’s Better!

3D tester in action


The SLIMplus V2 tester features quick and simple adjustment technology, more precise probing results & enhanced stability in automatic tool changers. Probe tips have a drill-through with a key and can be adjusted  for precise measuring. 

SLIMPLUS Black V2 3D Tester

How cool is this version of our most popular tester. The SLIMplus V2 3D-Tester has arrived and now it’s available in BLACK for easier viewing in many environments. 

VIPLUS V2 3D tester

The VIplus V2 is the SLIMplus premium gage with a larger face for easier viewing. Probe tips now have a drill-through and can be adjusted with the adjusting key for precise measuring. The face of the gage has been simplified with the focus on the basics.

drehPLUS V2 3D Tester

‘DREH’ is the German word for lathe. The DREHplus is an analog 3D-taster featuring innovative, precise probing technology through a patented conical tip specifically designed for measuring tools on lathes saving time and money.

savePLUS 3D Tester

The SAVEplus 3D tester is  the Tschorn economy gage. Each SAVEplus is checked via Tschorn’s quality inspection. The tolerance of the probing accuracy is 15µm for the SAVEplus, compared to 10µm at for premium models. 

zero setters

Determine the position of workpiece surfaces or tool lengths in Z-direction at milling machines or lathes. The zero setter is placed on the workpiece. The spindle has to be moved carefully onto the tracer until the dial gauge indicates “0”. The reference dimension 4 inch to the workpiece has been reached. A safety spring range of maximum 0.075″ is included. Order with or without a magnet.