Kostyrka Clamping Sleeves

No one wants to disassemble and reassemble a 2500 ton press overnight for repairs. The quality of each individual component is critical in determining the reliability of a system and that’s why product development, high manufacturing quality and state-of-the-art checking processes play a central role at KOSTYRKA. The result is top clamping technology designed for a maximum service life used for both standard requirements and customized solutions. The Kostyrka Clamping Sleeve; install it and forget it. 

All Kostyrka products are designed to exceed the life cycle of the machines they are installed in ensuring years of smooth operations

Hold tight and release

Watch the demo video and Check out the inner workings of a Kostyrka clamping sleeve.


Check out the new video of The JAW - pin form elements that clamp any geometry. They can be used as jaws for vices, as supports, in combination with robot grippers or custom-made solutions.

Kostyrka GmbH

Check out the Kostyrka website for additional information about the Kostyrka product line. Hold tight and release; the Kostyrka product line has been reaction-free and secure for 50 year

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