gears & splines

Euro-Tech is the exclusive North American distributor of the Frenco product line including master gears, setting masters, artifacts, profiled clamping systems and gear and spline production; partnering to seek solutions for challenging workholding and gaging problems.

Frenco precision specialist in Spline and gear metrology

Inspection Equipment

Frenco Spline Gages are go and no go gages for splines

Frenco artefacts are used to easily and quickly determine the uncertainties of gear and spline measurements

Frenco master gears are used in single and double flank gear inspection and rack inspection machines as test gears

Frenco measuring inserts are used in size inspection instruments and to measure the size over/between balls

Measuring Instruments

Frenco Size Inspection Instruments for measuring the diametral dimension over balls/pins, an important characteristic for gears and splines

Frenco Circumferential Backlash Instruments measure the effective size of splines, while taking all form errors (effective spline) into account

Frenco Double Flank test machines offer a quick and simple inspection method for gears

Frenco Single Flank Test Machine offers a fast inspection method for running gears

Frenco Universal Measuring Machines record various characteristics of gears and splines in relation to an axis

Frenco rack inspection machines perform a double flank test with a master gear (pinion) on racks

The Frenco Gear Flank Analyzer allows scanning of all toothed flanks within a few minutes and is suitable for large batches


renco Tools and Clamping Systems including taper mounting mandrels, hydraulic arbors, spring sleeve systems and concentricity rings


Frenco, the worldwide specialist in gear metrology

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Frenco go, no-go gage demo

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Frenco AVM 3x2 demo

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