transducers & gaging

Meet today’s demands for precision measuring and decreasing tolerances with Knaebel’s diverse product line of transducers and gaging products. Improve tool life by using Knaebel systems to measure seat contour, seat form and seat distance to deck face as well as diameters for cylinder heads.


VSM Gage (Valve Seat Measurement). Valve Seat/Guide Geometry Inspection System. VSM measures seat roundness and runout of valve guide to valve seat IN 3 SECONDS! This is repeatable to less than 1 micron. Designed for shop floor use.

The Slidescan Measuring System for Cylinder Heads. The Slidescan is a universal gage and enables the measurement of several seats with a big range of different gage line diameters (ex. between 24mm and 34mm). Cycle time is approx. 4 seconds.