New low cost electronic device for two-ball, hand-held measuring from FRENCO Germany

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Frenco now has the “FMB” measuring box in its product range. This measuring box can be used in conjunction with the IVM 1×1 two-ball dimension testers (for measurements on internal gears) and AVM 1×1 (for corresponding external gears). Gear testers of the VPE and VPO models can also be connected.

Since these hand-held testers were previously supplied mainly with a dial indicator, no interface to a PC was available. As an option, the “FMB” measuring box now establishes a direct connection between the testing devices and a measuring computer / PC, so that the data determined during the two-ball measurement flow directly into the corresponding LDYN-Light evaluation software. In this way, for example, possible errors in the transmission of the determined measured values can be avoided.

LDYN-Light is a new version of FRENCO’s long-established LDYN-Pro software (evaluation of longitudinal dynamic two-ball dimensional measurements) tailored to this application. With the LDYN-Light software, the recorded measurement data – for example, via DFQ or PDF formats – can be easily transferred to other application programs (e.g. Excel or special statistics programs).

In addition, Frenco offers its customers the possibility of installing the LDYN-Light software under expert guidance via remote access and explaining the handling of the program to future users in the course of a one to two hour remote training session. A simple (existing) PC is sufficient here – provided there is sufficient free capacity – to record the measurement data and, if necessary, to process it further. Data communication takes place via standardized Ethernet/TCP-IP protocols. The commissioning of the box is also very simple.

The Frenco measurement box is offered to customers in two versions. Up to four devices can be connected in parallel to the smaller version; the larger box has eight inductive inputs. However, it is also possible to connect ten or more test instruments to the box in the simplest way, as the “FMBs” can be linked together by a simple plug-in connection: Accordingly, a large number of hand-held measuring devices can hereby be connected to a common PC with associated LDYN-Light software. In summary, with the “FMB” measuring box, Frenco has created a connecting link from dial indicator dominated manual measurement to the possibility of electronic measurement value acquisition.

Frenco FMB measuring box use with IVM 1x1 2-ball dimension testers
Frenco FMB measuring box use with IVM 1×1 2-ball dimension testers